Spring/Summer Fabric at the Finch

Whew! All these classes distracted me from my first love in this business: fabric. But only for a moment. Drumroll please...

I recently ordered a lovely trio of Japanese fabrics by my favorite designer, Naomi Ito (her fabric goes by Nani Iro). They are currently available for presale here as they make their way across land and sea (or sea and land, as it were).

&. Nani Iro, cotton/linen blend
&. Nani Iro Cotton Linen Blend

Japanese fabrics are special because: 1- They are visually stunning.  Once you meet a few of them, you'll know them again the moment you see them. 2- The textile fiber contents and styles are second to none.  No one else makes a better woven or knit double gauze (2 layers of gauze woven together to make an airy yet durable gauze).  They make wonderful linen cotten blends suitable for apparel and accessories alike.  Their light-mid weight cotton wovens are soft and buttery.  3- They are simply delightful. Sewing and wearing these textiles will put a smile on your face and make you beam with pride, for sure!

Field Star Look Up ~ Nani IroDouble Gauze Woven Cotton

Birds Eye Shinsei ~ Nani IroDouble Gauze Woven Cotton


Up next are two really special lines of organic cottons by Cloud 9 and Birch fabrics. The first one is Tsuru from Cloud 9- don't you love the aqua and red combos?!! And with so many colors in both floral and geometric patterns, the pairing potential is endless!

Yay Day

This sweet collection is called Yay! Day! and is also an organic cotton with a soft hand and delicious color story.  The animals in this set are so full of character. As a mother of both a girl and a boy, I love that this set has something for each of them.  I'm thinking I'll make some large floor poofs for the play room.


In the fall, we'll be ordering some really amazing fabric from a new designer (in the fabric world, anyway) named Teagan White and the ever popular Charlie Harper.  Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page and our Pinterest feed so you can be the first to know!  I'll be posting sneak peaks of other things as well.  Stay tuned!

While all these lovelies are on their way (I expect to be receiving some of this stock in two weeks or so), be sure to check out our current stock of fabric and ever expanding list of classes here.  We have great summer knits and beautiful spring voiles.  And as always, we have a shot cottons- so versitile and a great basic for most projects.

Happy stitching, and may all your dreams be made of cotton!

xoxo, the finch