New Organic Fabric in the Nest!

1079_blossomfestival_500 500x500x1080a_1000cranes_500_jpg_pagespeed_ic_AWCP1oPtl2 1083a_motifmadness_330 1083b_motifmadness_500 Tsuru has arrived! This fabric line is gorgeous- saturated and vibrant colors of indigo, teal, vermillion, and gold.  I love the modern nod to vintage Japanese textiles.  Rashida Coleman-Hale, the designer of this lovely line, grew up in Japan.  This influence is obvious in that each textile is structured and at the same time organic.  Angular cranes fly gracefully juxtaposed against solar orbs.  Clusters of multi-hued blossoms float in diamond shaped formation on a deep, indigo background.  This organic cotton is beautifully manufactured and has a uniquely soft hand and supple drape for a midweight cotton.  The line will be lovely for any project- kitchen napkins, bordered skirts, quilts, sheeting, or pajamas. Shop for Tsuru here- be sure to check out more photos in the shop!

1081a_ofafeather_330 1081b_ofafeather_330