Kids Clothes Week- Barely

IMG_3227 croppedSo I'm barely making the cut off for Kids Clothes Week tonight.  In a nutshell, KCW is a quarterly challenge meant to inspire all of us to sew for one hour a day for that week.  It's a super cool idea- I have tons of projects started, so this is the kind of challenge I need... like once a month....  If you sew for your kids, check out the website for some major inspiration.  I've been following the Flickr group as well (Elsie Marley group), and it's amazing to see how many lovely wee garments people are making.  ANNDDD... I made a new friend (hi Tara!), who found me on Flickr!!  Amazing! The sewing community is such a lovely bunch. Oh, and there are two more days, so it's not too late for you to join in too!

The outfit I made for Cassidy is from two different Japanese Sewing books.  The shirt is from this book:

Akiko Mano Japanese Craft Book

I cannot get enough of this book- there are about 18 different patterns included, and many of them are gender neutral (can't wait to make some vests for Finn).  Check the link to see more photos.  If you're thinking about starting to sew Japanese patterns, this is a great place to start.The skirt came from the Nani Iro book.  It has patterns for girls and for women.  I don't think this is the best pattern book out there, but I am a Nani Iro nut, so I had to have it- and I've made a few really nice dresses for myself too.

Cassidy was an amazing model today.  The first incentive I gave her was to hold a flower.  She loves flowers


The next incentive was a lollipop.


For the skirt, I used a shot cotton that matches the wee sea shells in the shirt.  I love how shot cotton is light weight yet holds a shape.  This pattern has a double drawstring waistband.  The photos in the Nani Iro book show the ties in the back, and I have to say, it's pretty sweet that way.  It's basically a circle skirt, but it's extra twirly because of the gathered fullness.  Twirly-ness is the ultimate litmus test in our household. That and pink-ness.  I delivered on both counts this time.

IMG_3315As for the shirt, well, this is the second one I've made for her using this pattern.  And it makes me swoon every time she wears it.  The open back is too sweet for words.  The peplum bottom is an added layer of twirly-ness, which, as we covered before, is very important. The flutter sleeves look like little wings.  The fabric is one of my favorite ever double gauze cottons by Trefle' for Kokka.  Double gauze is the stuff dreams are made of.  Seriously.  Most importantly, there are mermaids.  We can't get enough of those around here.

And I think the lady likes it! IMG_3288IMG_3324