Kids Gift Guide

Great Stocking Stuffers Need a little help deciding what to get your Young Sewist for the Holiday?  My little elves have been carefully observing the kiddos in the shop, so we have inside information that I know Santa will find particularly useful! All of these items are available here as a kit or you can get it in the shop (pick out the pieces you need in the shop, or save a bundle and get the whole kit).

1. Thread Snips- a must have, and a favorite tool of all my students!

2. Magnetic Pin Keep- this one wins the prize as the most popular tool in my classroom- who doesn't love a big ol' magnet?  And it makes for quick clean up too (read: *mom approved).

3. Pearly Pins- need I say more?  They're pearly... and colorful. If you were a Finch elf, you'd see my students weeding these ones out from the plainer pins...

4. Chalk Wheel Pen- a favorite marking tool- it's fine chalk powder that is applied through a wheel for a clean, straight line.

5. Bamboo Point Turner- used for turning corners right side out.

6. Felt Snail Pattern- It's a cute little snail.... and it happens to be the pattern most of my kids pull out and ogle.

7. We Love to Sew- this book is a must have.  There are so many sweet projects for kids of all ages and levels.  The instructions for projects are easy to follow, including photos and examples.

8. Sewing Edge- these removable strips are a big help for sewists of all sizes and ages- line the edge of the fabric up with the raised side of this strip, and you'll achieve straight seams every time.

9. Frixion Pen- Heat erasable pen (apply iron to erase) that goes on like a regular ball point pen. Super easy to use!

10.Bamboo Seam Ripper-  we call this the un-sew-er.  The bamboo handle is ideal for little hands.

11. Fat Quarters- this small cut of fabric is ideal for small projects.  And we have so many to choose from!

Last and not least- Gift Certificates are a great way to give your special person the best kind of gift, the gift of an experience.  Gift certificates can be purchased in the store or over the phone for any denomination.  Or they can be purchased through the website.  Want this pretty one in hard copy?  Email, and we'll be happy to send it out right away!

Gift Certificates can be used for classes, fabric, yarn... whatever your little heart desires!