Impromptu Sewing Sessions for Snow Days... Send the kids to Finch on Jan 7th!!

Finch Sewing Day

Another day at home?!! No way! Send the kids to Finch (I've got your back, mom), and we'll make something cool (or warm...). We’ll have a few choices for the kids, all revolving around getting cozy- there will be a project for those who like to sew for their American Dolls or a couple of options for those who want to wear a new accessory home. We might even get out some paint (Eeek!). There are 2 sessions- sign up HERE for one or both (please consider your sewist's age/attention span). Space is limited!

There are also a couple spaces left in our weekly classes right here- we're making poofs!!

Adults- check out our classes here!  Lots of fun things starting this week!

xoxo- Finch