Market Wrap-up: Cotton + Steel, Art Gallery, Alison Glass, and.... another GIVEAWAY!

So what is Quilt Market,  you ask?  I know some of you have a basic understanding, but until we left Pittsburg to come home, I don't know if I could have answered that question accurately.  In a nutshell, Market is the big trade show for all things sewing related (not necessarily quilting).unnamed (1)  

Staring down at this scene is overwhelming, to say the least (and this was only half of it). There were so many beautiful and inspiring things to see, as well as constant conversations, lots of new friends to meet...  to say I was over-stimulated would be a major understatement. unnamed (13)

Thursday started with schoolhouse sessions, where designers and manufacturers introduce/demonstrate new products. We scored some really fun freebies during these sessions (some of which you may win in giveaways we have planned all summer)!  This is Violet Craft doing fabulous things as usual.  Love those animals...  Speaking of Violet Craft, Waterfront Park birds and blenders just arrived at the Finch (yay!).   Carolyn Friedlander talked about her line of Aurifil Thread and showed us some of her outstanding work, and the Art Gallery designers were all so sweet (really, they're such nice people... ).


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April and I in my April Rhodes Peplum (we have the pattern and the fabric, folks!).

Did I mention we won fabric?!  EEEK!  If you're going to sip and sew, you'll be in it to win it!

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Thursday night is Sample Spree.... where do I begin.  This is where fabric companies have their upcoming lines in small bundles available for purchase so that stores can make samples ahead of the fabric arrivals.  It opens at 8.  We couldn't even get tickets ahead (we signed up 4 weeks prior).  So we arrived about 15 minutes after the rush, and there was still a rush.  Cray cray.

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Cotton + Steel sold out of their fabric in less that 15 minutes....  sigh. But we were able to get some other great things (keep reading to find out how you can have a piece from this glorious event).

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Later that evening.... we got this shot! That's Amy Butler, people!!  With our Angela (isn't she cute in her Amy Butler Riding Peplum?!)!

unnamed (17)

This was our final loot from Thursday (no, that wasn't all free fabric!.... ).

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On Friday, the official show opens...  We were advised to walk the floor and see everything before we sat down or stopped at any booth. So we walked until we needed a drink...  just kidding (not really).  Our first meeting was with a distributor who hooked us up with a big floor stand of Mettler Silk Finish Cotton thread.  Nothing like buying an expensive thread case to make you feel grown up (it's a snooze-fest, but a happy, sweet-dreamy snooze-fest). ;)

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Meeting Joel Dewberry... what a nice guy!

Throughout the show, we went to book signings, meet-ups with other designers, fabric purchasing meetings, and had dinner with April Rhodes and her crew (she and her friends are so nice...  you'll love her, hint, hint...)

Book signing with Carolyn Friedlander.

Carolyn Friedlander's booth was stunning- she is so well edited and balanced as a designer.  Super appealing to me.  And she has a new book coming soon too- called Savor Each Stitch.

So how about the fabric?!...   I can't possibly tell you about all the fabric we have coming between now and December, but I'll give you a few teasers right now.

Bonnie Christina - her new line from Art Gallery comes soon! Winged.

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Art Gallery had a great range with their limited edition lines as well as their other really wonderful regular designers.  Bonnie Christina who designed Sweet as Honey (in our shop now) is coming out with Winged (which we ordered).  Isn't her booth amazing? She had her little boy Bear with her...  see that sweet baby arm under the quilt tent? Be still my heart.   April Rhodes and Caroline of Sew Caroline had a lovely booth together: sunny and warm, cheerful and homey.

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Windham is doing the re-release of Heather Ross' Far Far Away line- of course it's awesome.  That'll be here in July.   I loved loved loved Alison Glass' booth.  It was absolutely saturated in color- a real feast for the eyes.  She is doing some really great things combining embroidery and wool... more on that soon too (did I mention she lives in Virginia...  hint hint?!).





Cotton + Steel is to. die. for.  It was the most highly anticipated release ev-ah.  They had an expert media campaign, and their designs stand up to the hype.  You'll have to wait until this weekend to see my Cotton + Steel post.  You're going to see some drool-worthy photos, I promise. And the fabric will be here in July.

For me, the highlights of quilt market were seeing new fabric lines, meeting designers, and put faces to the names we all recognize in this business.  I'm not gonna lie, there's definitely an element of star-struck - ness.  In an industry that has changed so radically over the last 10 years, there are people who I feel great respect for.  And meeting them was a great honor! I wish I could have taken all of you with me!  This evening, at our sip and sew, we'll be giving out a couple of prizes for all attendees.  We can take a few more people (so sign up here)! Oh, and if you can't make it, all of our sip and sew projects can be purchased in the shop as well!


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