30% off Everything - Shop Small This Weekend!

Before you scroll down to the sale details, I want to say a word about Small Business Saturday and why I think it's so import that we shop small.  The Small Businesses in our town are what makes our neighborhood a vibrant and friendly place to live. Making the commitment to shop at these little businesses boils down to this....  What do you want your town to look and feel like? finch sewing studio christmas lights

I want my town to be a place where I am greeted by name each time I cross a threshold.  I want to be able to buy something from a person I know and know that my money is going back into my community.  What does "going back into my community" mean?  I think many people may think to themselves, "Why pay more?  I like that shopkeeper, but I need to keep my money.... it's not charity...."  I've thought that too.  Here's my answer to that.  Choosing to buy in your own town means that you are actively investing in the place where you live.  I have a very loyal customer base...  (it's more personal than that...  you're my friends!!) and because of that, I have the opportunity to present an experience.  I get to make a dynamic connection because folks decide to spend their dollars at Finch instead of a big box or an online mega store.  And I'm so thankful for that. That's what makes Finch a special place.

The fact is that I can't compete with Amazon.  I'm proud that we are competitive in the market and that we have a nice range of prices on fabrics (a good sale section and quality fabrics and yarns from $6 per yard/skein and up). The reality is this: Amazon doesn't give you a Finch experience.  They can't give you a moment you'll remember.  They don't provide a nice space where you can create.  And they don't pay teachers who are knowledgeable and friendly who can help you through a project.  When you buy from a small business, sometimes you're going to pay a little more for some things.  But I think we all can agree it's worth it if you believe that Small Businesses care about the value of your experience. And, for me at least, I am investing in a town that I know will continue to become more and more interesting, a place that can engage my kids as the years pass.

So here's my thank you to you... We're having a Sale!...  Probably the biggest sale we've ever had!

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ON SATURDAY ONLY: All Classes will be 15% off.  Use code "finchfriends" when you register online.  Or mention the discount in the store on Saturday.

In Store >>---> Friday 8-12 am: 30% off everything in the store when you spend $15 or more. That's right, the whole store*.

>>---> Friday - Sunday: 20% off everything in the store when you spend $30 or more*.

Online >>---> Friday 6-11 am: 30% off everything when you spend $15. Code: "EarlyFinch".

>>--->Friday - Monday: 15% off everything when you spend $30. Code: "FinchMadeHoliday".

Online shoppers- this includes presale fabric!!!

*BERNINAS: 60 month 0% financing continues through Dec. 3rd.


In the spirit of shopping local, I'm want to highlight 2 of my favorite shops in town:

The Vintner    &    Books and Other Found Things.

Books and Other Found Things is a beautiful little family owned shop that carries new and used books for all audiences.  It's across Loudoun from Finch in a little blue house. They have a lovely setting where you can bring the kids for little reading and perusing.  The owner, Allen, is amazing at getting in special requests as well.  Last Christmas, I asked for a couple of books, so instead of going to Amazon, my hubby went to our bookstore and got the books in quickly and at a great price (I don't know his specific policy, but I know he was pretty competitive with Amazon prices). He makes great suggestions and is an all around good guy.

The Vintner is the only place I buy wine.  Seriously.  Mike knows exactly what I like, and he keeps me in new and interesting wines that suit my taste.  When we have events at the shop, the wine is always bought there.  They have a great range of prices and selection, and they're beefing up for the holidays too.  Did you know that you can have a bottle opened there and drink it in the shop?  Or do a wine tasting at their beautiful hand crafted wood bar (remember what I said about offering a place and an experience...)! I have also asked for specific wines from time to time, and if they can get it in, they do!

Happy shopping, everybody!!


the Finch (+ Nicole)