The Popover Poncho by April Rhodes

This is the hottest sample I have in the shop right now...
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I have been waiting for this pattern for quite some time...  And I'm so glad it's come into the light!! It's the Popover Poncho by April Rhodes.  As usual, April did not disappoint with simple design and beautiful finishing.
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The pattern is simple enough for beginners (if you've ever made anything with an April Rhodes pattern, you know her patterns are well written with easy to understand instructions), but and is a fun and easy sew for experienced sewists. (THIS IS A CLASS!!  YAY!)  Beginners can learn to sew this right here at Finch- register here.  Experienced sewists can learn to do finishing techniques here too!  Register here.
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The fabric I used is from Mood... with any luck we'll have it in stock here very soon!!  It's a mid-weight wool (but definitely not too heavy).  the knit fabric I used at the top is a mid weight wool jersey. We also carry this wool and this wool- both would be great options!
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Get used to this one, folks....  This garment will be in heavy rotation!
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