Caravan Tote in Cotton and Steel and Chambray

IMGP7489 Hello Finch people! This is Tara typing at you today, though you can usually (read: sporadically) find me at my own blog Girl Like The Sea. I guess the sea comes and goes too, so there.

I wanted to show you something I sewed up for Finch, of course using some of the amazing and high quality fabrics to be found in the shop.

The Caravan Tote! - Pattern by Noodlehead


Have you ever sewn one of Anna's Noodlehead patterns? This is my second, and I think they're super well made. She always has flawless directions, professional finishes, and functional style. Of course, you can only go so far with a good pattern. You need great fabrics to make any pattern sing, right?

For the Main fabric, I used Andover chambray - so nice! I'm a chambray lover. Can't deny it.

The outer contrast - Spirit Animal - one of the great options from Cotton & Steel. I love the way their cottons feel. A lot more supple than your average quilting cotton.

Inside for a contrast - Mesa Cotton and Steel - another one of the beautiful Cotton and Steel quilting cottons.

There's also some red cotton and steel that I - ahem - couldn't locate in the Finch listings online.



This bag is sort of an ode to the knitters out there. It's designed so that you can add details to help you stash your knitting projects on the go. A zip compartment that has slots for needles. And a button pouch in the front for other notions/your little tiny wine bottle. Heh. Just kidding.

IMGP7493A pocket in the main section is for balls of yarn, and an option is included to add grommets to run your yarn through. Pretty cool right? And of course I have some of my beautiful yarns from Finch stashed in here, because those piles of squishy wool always tempt me when I go into the shop.

There was seriously nowhere for miiiiiiles around here to buy high quality yarn until Nicole started stocking it. Now I don't have to wait until I go on vacation to find Tosh! The green Malabrigo on the left has already been made into a hat.


My 4 year old daughter couldn't resist jumping into my photos, but she does give some context for size ^_^

It's a pretty large and sturdy bag. Partly due to the incredible amount of interfacing involved! Haha. I used some of the woven fabric interfacing from Finch to interface the whole thing and it turned out really nice. I love real woven interfacing.



My daughter's doll, Jack, had to take a ride in the tote of course. It was the perfect size for a doll fort!


Do you have any favorite bag patterns? I thought this one was a good challenge without being completely crazy overwhelming. There are a lot of pieces that I had to keep organized, but the instructions kept me going without trouble and the end product was enough to impress my husband. Enough said.

Quick recap:


Caravan Tote from Noodlehead (plus an extra zip pouch pattern comes with it!)


Spirit Animal Cotton and Steel

Mesa Cotton and Steel Andover chambray

(red zipper from Finch as well)

Thanks for stopping by, and happy sewing! And if you're local, maybe I'll run into you next time I'm in the shop ^_^


Girl Like The Sea