We're Expanding!! And having a party....

When I opened my business out of our Leesburg home, I used to swoon every time I passed by the wonderfully quirky building we now occupy. And you can't imagine how thrilled I was that after 6 months of driving (and drooling) past this building every day, it was still available when I was ready to move out of the house and into a downtown space.  About a year ago (7 months after moving into the building), we had the opportunity to more than double our space by taking over the whole downstairs of the building.  And boy did we need it! At that point, we were literally tripping over one another, hosting knitting classes in the front corner of the shop while teaching sewing classes throughout the rest of the building...  simultaneously.  It was challenging, to say the least.  But it was so very exciting! 10340175_10202764286282138_8641667453072411498_n We've come to that crossroads again.

The last number of months have been wonderful, and we've found ourselves tripping over each other again.

And once again, we have been given the opportunity to expand!  Which means that we will be taking over the ENTIRE building!  Yup, that's right, the entire building!!!   This means we'll get to expand our stock of yarn and fabric as well as patterns and notions while opening up more space for workshops and classes.  And that really is going to be awesome!

Save the date for a grand reveal PARTY! on April 17th from 6:30-10pm where you are cordially invited to see the beautiful new space and celebrate our growing community of Finches!  Bring the kiddos and enjoy some refreshments, drinks, and music.

And because we couldn't be where we are without your support, we'd like to give you a little thank you....  Stay tuned for a discount code on all classes- we'll post the code this Friday, so you have a little time to consider your options (and we'll post a few more of our exciting spring classes in the meantime too)!

Below is a sneaky peaky of a few things we have going on in the new space.... Come see it all put together on the 17th- we promise we'll knock your socks off!


the Finches (Nicole, Lisa, Angela, Tara, Charmaine, and Holly)

moving in

paint chips

painted chair