Meet Lisa!

lisa Hello Dear Finch Fans!

We thought it would be fun for you to get to know each of the girls who work and teach at Finch, so we'll be introducing each of them in a series of interviews over the next few months.  Following each of their posts, the girls will take over the Finch Instagram feed with a couple days of inspirational photos, projects, and ideas for you to see.

First up is Lisa. If you've spent any time around Finch in person, you probably know Lisa pretty well.  She is our full time gal, and she also takes care of all you who order fabric and yarn from our online store.   She is one of our very passionate and experienced quilting teachers.  If you have taken one of her classes, you know how cheerful and excited she is as a teacher! I found this photo of her (insert: when I was trolling) in her Instagram feed, and I love it because it was taken after she squeezed herself and several magnum balloons into her car for our 1st anniversary sale almost a year ago (yup, that's coming up again in July!).  Without further ado....  Here's Lisa!

Q. What is your craft obsession?
My craft obsession is definitely quilting. I love every step of the process from picking fabrics to stitching the binding.

You'll see this lovely sample both on our class list and hanging on the wall in our Knit Lounge.

Q. What are you working on now?
Right now I have quite a few (insert large number here) projects in the works. Right now I am working on the Tangelo quilt, a foundation pieced quilt by Carolyn Friedlander. I'm also working on a Glam Clam quilt by Latifah Saafir.
(PS- Don't worry, she's gonna tell us all about those projects when she finishes!)
I'm also slowly knitting my way through Angela's color work class and can't wait to see this blanket come together!
Q.  What is your favorite tool?
I really love my Clover seam ripper. Other than the obvious seam ripping abilities, I flip it over and use the rounded handle while paper piecing to press the seam rather than using an iron.
 Q.  What is your favorite project?
This is such a tough one! I have too many, but I think it is my Swoon quilt. I used my my favorite Amy Butler Alchemy fabric and finished it with hand quilting.
lisa favorite quilt
Q. What does your craft space look like?
My sewing space is shared with the dining room... and no, it isn't always this clean! This room truly makes me happy, it is decorated with some of my most favorite gifts. A print from the wonderful Anna and mini-quilts from some great Instagram friends. It is a really fun place to create.  (see that pretty Bernina in the background?!  :))
lisa sewing space
 Q. Where can we follow you?
Follow me at @lisa_makes on Instagram!
Be sure to watch the Finch Instagram this weekend for Lisa's takeover! Follow Finch on IG at @finchsewingstudio!
Happy Making!
xoxo, Lisa (and the Finch)