The Megan Nielsen Culottes plus an Online Sale!

Hi there!  Holly here!  I am one of the Finch girl, and you may have met me in one of my sewing classes or on the weekend when I'm working in the shop.  I'm so excited to tell y'all about the new pattern I just tried out. I LOVE wearing skirts in the summer, but I spend a lot of time chasing my 2 busy kiddos around, so a skirt isn't always the best choice, if you catch my drift :)   I discovered this great Megan Nielsen Tania Culotte pattern.  The pattern allows for a short, midi, or full length pant.  I made up the midi length.  It has the look of a skirt, but is actually culottes.  Ok, I am cringing as I type the word culotte.  It brings back memories of the unflattering  80's polyester version of culottes.  This pattern is anything but unflattering.  It looks like a cute little flirty skirt, but its not a skirt!  So I refer to it as the "not a skirt" skirt. 1

I picked a nice, light weight, flowy Leah Duncan voile by Art Gallery.  It's the perfect weight and has a great drape.

This was my first time sewing a Megan Nielson pattern and I thought it was really well written and easy to follow.  This "not a skirt" is constructed with a pleat in the front and back, and a side zipper.  It was pretty true to size, but maybe a little tight.  I sewed it together with the suggested seam allowance of 5/8", but when I sew my next one (yes, there will be another one), I will probably just take a smaller seam.  Also, I think the way the culottes are constructed with a 4-5 inch pleat in the front and back, lends itself to being let out easily if you need a little more wiggle room.

crotch shot tania

There are no buttons to deal with, which I love, and the invisible zipper and waist band was super easy to put in.

So bring it on kiddos!  I can chase them anywhere they want to go, look cute and keep things covered.  A total win/win!



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