Meet Angela!


Hi there!  We're introducing another Finchie today.  Today let's get to know Angela.  Ok, really, if you have ever been in the Finch, you already know Angela.  She's the bubbly, energetic knitting guru around here. You may have taken your very first knitting class from her or maybe you have taken one of her popular block of the month knitting classes.  But let's find out more!

Q. What is your craft obsession?

That's a tough one. Like many of us at Finch, I love to knit and sew equally.  Knitting gives me lots of opportunity to be productive while I sit and relax in front of the tv, travel with the fam in the car, or attend one of my girls' events. Every time we get new fabulous yarn in at Finch I just want to touch it and smell it (I's like when the character Doug, from the movie The Cutting Edge, loves the smell of the's just part of it for me).  I just need my fingers to knit even faster!

 But when it comes to sewing, I get equally excited about all the new fabrics we get in- it's so fun to plan what garments I'm going to make with them. Sewing is rewarding to me because I can usually get the project done pretty quickly and then show it off or gift it to a special person.  If you could see all the garments I have awaiting their turn at the sewing machine....

Q. What are you working on now?

Oh boy, I hate to admit all the projects I have going on right now so I'll just mention a few.

Both of my girls each desperately awaiting their quilts, so the goal is to get those done this summer.

Last night, when I was at the shop I could not resist buying two skeins of Madelinetosh ASAP and getting started on the herringbone cowl It is insanely yummy and beautiful.  That will be a class this fall for sure!


I also just started a project that I will literally need to lock up if I'm ever going to finish anything else. It's the unicorn stripes cowl/scarf. You may have seen the finished version here, in a previous post. This is made using all colors of Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails. Stay tuned for a really exciting knit along announcement that I will start on July 20th (lots of unicorns, folks!). 

I am almost done with my Mara Shawl using a whole lot of Madelinetosh Dk in Mansfield Garden Party (click the link- we sell this online as well!).  I am not particularly looking forward to casting off the hundreds of stitches on the needles but I will wear it proudly once I do.  

 Q. What is your favorite tool?

I just love my interchangeable knitting needles!  My latest set (which I bought at Finch) are the metal ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace set. They are great for knitting shawls (like the one I mentioned above).  I also know that a lot of our customers love their ChaiGoo bamboo interchangeables from Finch as well.  Having pretty much any size needle I need in my bag makes starting a new project (when I fall in love with that new skein of yarn) much easier.

Q. What is your favorite finished project?

When I first thought about this question I didn't know how I was going to answer it. Then I remembered the Dale of Norway sweater (Hans og Grete) I knit for Megan (my oldest daughter) when I was pregnant. I was strongly advised against knitting this sweater because Dale of Norway patterns are known to be very hard, done on charts and are knit on tiny needles.  At the time I had only been knitting maybe 5 years, but once I saw the pattern in my local yarn shop how was I to resist?!  I didn't yet have the yarn when we moved here to VA 7 months pregnant.  Luckily, my hubby and I found a yarn shop on a trip we took for our anniversary, which made it even more special.  I was all set! I had to knit this beautiful sweater (and adorable bonnet) for the sweet baby girl I was so anxiously awaiting.  I got it done... despite going into labor almost 3 weeks early...and both girls wore it beautifully and often. 


The date on the pic gives away the fact that Megan didn't wear the sweater until she was 6 months old...I intended for her to wear it home from the hospital... ha ha.  You really don't know how small they come out. ;)

The bonnet, well that was another story.  It was too floppy to look good on their heads. Such a sad moment. But I realize now, knowing that I'm a loose knitter, that maybe I needed to use a smaller needle. :)

Q. What does your craft space look like?

My craft space is a generous space that I love to be in. I don't get up there often, but when I do, it's hard to leave.  Neighbors probably know the nights I'm up late sewing from the lights being on in the rooms above the garage.  I just recently painted it a purpleish grey and added this new collage of pretty things above my beloved Bernina 750 QE.  I had fabulous prints from my mama and friend Anna that just had to be properly displayed. I also finished my first wall hanging, which makes me feel like a "real" quilter, so I tackled my first hand binding and hung it up.  I have the same great Ikea light fixture as Finch,  and at night (or cloudy days like the day I took this pic), when it is quite hard to see in there (waiting for hubby to hang some string lights) the paper flowers display beautiful shadows on the walls.  I am happy to have my fabric stashed in the closet and have enough space to be creative!

 Q. Where can we follow you?

Follow me at @sewmanysts on Instagram!

Be sure to watch the Finch Instagram this weekend for Angela's takeover! Follow Finch on IG at @finchsewingstudio!

Happy Making!

xoxo, Angela (and the Finch family)