Easy Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

TickorTreatTote Can you believe we are halfway through October? Actually, more than halfway, and you know what this means? Halloween is just around the corner. If you are looking to make a Trick or Treat bag then you are at the right place!


Materials Needed 2 Fat Quarters in Coordinating Colors 2 - 14 inch length Webbing for Bag Handles Coordinating Thread Snips Pins Clover Clips


From the moment I saw Cotton and Steel's Spell Bound, it was love at first sight! And I knew exactly what I would do with it, I wanted to sew a Trick or Treat tote for my daughter.


And yes, the Finch can fulfill your all your webbing needs. Webbing is great for bag handles, and it is one of my favorite notions at Finch.


After ironing the fat quarters, I aligned them together so I could cut them at the same time. I made this Trick or Treat bag by cutting both fat quarters into 14 inch x 11 inch pieces.



This is optional: A pocket for a flashlight using the scraps left over from cutting the fat quarters.

Go ahead and measure a flashlight you wish to use, and add two inches for wiggle room when measuring out the fabric so the flashlight isn't snug when placed inside the pocket.


Using a 1/4 seam allowance, sew an "L" shape with the scrap pieces RIGHT sides together.


Snip the corner, and then turn right side out. Press.


Top stitch with a 1/8 seam allowance. The BERNINA 10 foot (edge stitch foot) makes this stitch a BREEZE!


Align the raw edges, and pin the pocket to one of the inside pieces.


Go ahead and top stitch a 1/8 seam allowance length wise. This will attach the pocket to the inside of your Trick or Treat bag. Another great foot option for a 1/8 seam allowance is the BERNINA 97 foot, which is the patchwork foot.  The inside edge of the toe is 1/8 inch.


Please pretend that rotary cutter is a flashlight for two seconds ;)


With RIGHT sides together, pin the inside pieces of the bag together. Sew the inside together with a 1/2 seam allowance.


If you aren't familiar with making bags (and if you are, this is just a friendly reminder), leave a two inch no-sew zone at the bottom. This opening will allow you to turn your fully lined bag right side out.


After sewing, snip those corners.


For the handles, measure two inches in and then clip the ends of the webbing to the RIGHT side of the outside of the Trick or Treat Bag.


Do this to both sides of the outside bag. After you are done measuring and Clover Clipping, baste the handles with a 1/8 seam allowance. I chose Clover Clips over pinning for two reasons: (1) They are awesome (2) Less pin bending. Finch does carry Clover Clips too, in case you are wondering :)


Like you did to the inside of the bag, pin RIGHT sides together and then sew with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Unlike the inside portion of the bag, you will not leave a gap at the bottom.


Clip those corners!


Turn the outside of the bag RIGHT-side out. Make sure your poke those corners out too!


And then with those awesome Clover Clips, clip the inside of the bag to the outside of the bag with RIGHT sides together. Be mindful of your handles, and make sure they are not twisted before clipping together and sewing.


With a 1/2 inch seam allowance, sew the outside of the bag and the inside of the bag together.


You remember that two inch no-sew zone that you left at the bottom of the inside of the bag? Go ahead and pull the outside of the bag through that opening, and the inside will follow.


Press. Then go ahead and whip-stitch closed the opening at the bottom, or sew it together with a 1/8 seam allowance.


And then tuck the inside of the bag in. Be mindful of the corners, and with a turning tool, poke them out. Press once again....


And with an 1/4 inch seam allowance, top stitch!


And then...you are DONE! Yay!

This is a basic bag, and skies are the limit. You can make these bags smaller or bigger. You can make them as gift bags or library bags. But more importantly, bags that hold candy!


We have lots of beautiful fabrics in stock that will aid you in your Trick or Treat Bag sewing adventure.

See you soon, and Happy Halloween!

~ Stefanie and the Finch