Crafting as an Act of Togetherness

From the very beginning, one of our most important goals here at Finch has been to bring together a community of makers. Whether in our classes, browsing in the store, or even on our Instagram and Facebook pages, we want you to feel welcome and to walk away feeling inspired and encouraged. With this in mind, we started our Finch sip and sews...

What better way to learn a new skill than while winding down with a drink among new friends? Working on a project alongside one another is such a great way to break the ice, and you have plenty of advice on hand if you run into any problems! It is so fun seeing people come together over a shared interest, and our sip and sews have always been so uplifting for that reason. And, unlike most evenings out, attendees get to go home with something special made with their very own hands!

There was just one problem... We always wanted to be able to extend the sip and sews to ALL of our Finch friends, far and wide. And that was the thinking behind Finch Box! We would love for Finch Box to become a catalyst for bringing people together. We want to make it possible for you to initiate your very own maker gatherings!

We will always aim to make Finch Box as inclusive as possible. We will include projects that are bound to keep both beginners and more experienced makers happy. 

We hope that Finch Box will provide you with an opportunity to meet fellow crafters in your community; that for many of you it will become something social as well personal. If you have a friend who has expressed an interest in crafting, but doesn't know where to start, consider gifting them a Finch Box! Not only do they get to learn a new skill, but it's also a perfect excuse to meet and catch up every couple of months!

Please don't forget to join the Finch Box community on Instagram! We'd love to see photos of your maker gatherings and finished projects. Oh, and have I mentioned our Scout Club? Any photo posted with the hashtag #finchbox gets entered into a draw to win a cute pin!