April Finch Box

Hello Finch friends! Have you completed your April Finch Box project yet? My name is Catherine, and I'm here to tell you all about my experience sewing up the Noodlehead petal pouch! 

When I received my box here's what was included:

  • Everyday Essentials pattern book by Noodlehead featuring patterns to make a tote bag, wallet, and petal pouch.
  • Flatter spray in Pineapple Grove scent
  • All the materials to make a large petal pouch: two beautiful fat quarters, interfacing, zipper, leather piece

I couldn't wait to get started on the petal pouch! I really loved both of the fabrics I was given, and I never would have thought to put them together. The fabric I used for the exterior of my pouch was pretty busy, so I probably would have gone with a plain block color for the lining, but the Finch Box choice (a gorgeous Carolyn Friedlander print) was soooo much more fun and interesting, and I love the surprise when you open the pouch. It has definitely inspired me to be more experimental with my fabric choices.

I found the instructions for the pouch very clear. There was plenty of detail and there were useful diagrams, making it suitable for beginners. This would also make a satisfying and fast project for experienced sewists, with plenty of room for creativity and personalization. I'd love to see an embroidered version!

I am not a zipper expert, but I followed the instructions for the exposed zipper insertion to the letter and was really delighted with the results! The creation of a little tab for the end of the zipper is very quick and easy, and it added to the polished finish of the pouch. The zipper is first basted to one exterior side of the pouch, then the lining is placed on top, sandwiching the zipper between the two layers of fabric. A line of topstitching on the exterior fabric is optional. I found this to be the most fiddly part of the whole project – I had to unpick my first attempt, but the second time I went more slowly and had more success! The zipper is then sewn to the other side of the pouch in exactly the same way. Then with right sides of the exterior fabric together and right sides of the lining together, the pouch is sewn together all around the edge, leaving just enough of a gap in the lining to pull everything though to the right side and then sew up the gap. All of a sudden there you have it, a fully lined zipper pouch!

This method is so straightforward, but produces such a professional finish. I love that when you open the pouch instead of seeing the rough seam allowance of the exterior fabric and zipper you see a beautiful lining. The application could be used on any bag or pattern featuring an exposed zipper, and makes it as easy as pie to add a lining to a pattern that does not include one. I plan to whip up a couple of pencil cases following the exact same method.

I have also never used leather at all before, so this was a gentle introduction and definitely made it seem less scary. I enjoyed playing around with different ideas for it, and I made a tassel with some of my leftovers. For a future pouch I'd like to try sewing some leather flowers or geometric shapes on to my exterior fabric piece before assembling. I now feel that I can move on to using leather in other projects with more confidence. I love that Finch Box helped me to try something new.

Sometimes I put pressure on myself to get sewing projects finished, so I rush through them and don't take the time to just enjoy the process. I completed the pouch over a couple of evenings at a relaxed pace, and it naturally came together much more quickly than I had expected. There was comfort in being part of a group of makers and knowing that if I had any issues I could reach out to the Finch Box community. It was fun to make something unexpected, and I was excited to see what others had produced with the kit.

The beauty of Finch Box is that the contents can be adapted in limitless ways. All of the materials included in my box could be used in alternative patterns, and creativity is encouraged! Or, on the other hand, if you find you fall in love with the project you can top up on your materials easily to make more. I definitely plan to pick up some more fat quarters and zippers and make more pouches! They will make the perfect gifts, and I'm not sure I can bring myself to part with this one!

Proof that I loved this project? I went right ahead and made the mini pouch in one evening using my leftover materials! The only extra item I needed was another zipper. The mini version came together even more quickly since I was familiar with the instructions. THANK YOU FINCH BOX!!!