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Who we are

Finch is a team of creative individuals who love to make things. From experiences and events to classes and clothing, we work across various mediums. We take pride in maintaining a gorgeous, historic, and highly functional studio space, perfect for immersive learning experiences. It's our privilege to host people and create lasting memories.

Our principles​

  • Always Be Cute – the ABCs of Finch

  • We're a small business with big ideas

  • Our space is yours to enjoy

  • Resourcefulness, not resources, is the key to success

  • Evolution is constant and necessary (we are dynamic!)

Our people

Our team members are generous, kind, and hardworking individuals who contribute to making our town a fantastic place to live. They understand and appreciate the importance of their skills in our globalized community.

Your role

  • Develop your soft skills, finding new and innovative ways to interact with guests

  • Maintain a cute, clean, and organized studio environment (always ready to welcome our guests)

  • Facilitate seamless ordering experiences for students and customers

  • Explain the differences between various sewing machines to customers in simple terms


  • Experience with CRMs

  • Proficiency in industry-standard register/POS software

  • Well-mannered, sociable, and cool under pressure

  • Ability to "read the room"

  • Diverse taste in music and skill in setting the energy level 

  • Website management skills

  • Experience fulfilling online orders

  • Attention to detail in studio displays and cleanliness

  • In-depth knowledge of sewing, knitting, and/or crochet

  • Experience with high-end sales


We're a fast-moving, agile business that loves sharing what we have to offer with as many people as possible. We strive to make sure our customers leave feeling fulfilled. Our work is an integral part of our lives, and we don't leave it at the door.

Before Applying!

Please take this free assessment that will help us better understand where you fit in our team. Once you’re finished, scroll to the bottom of the results page and “Download as PDF” then upload this file with your application.

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Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon.

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