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Do You Repair Sewing Machines?

Yes! We have a Bernina Certified Technician, who has years of experience repairing all brands of sewing machines. If you would like to have your machine repaired, stop by our store anytime (pull up right in front and we can help you get your machine out of the car). We will take down your contact information and a brief description of what needs to be addressed. Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks turnaround time. We will contact you once the your machine is ready for pickup.


What is the Turn Around Time on Repairs

Approximately 2-3 weeks. Feel free to drop off your machine anytime during the week, Tuesday - Sunday. We send out machines for repair every other Wednesdays. 


Do you service all brands?

Yes! We service all brands but our technician is Bernina certified. 


Where Do I Park

For machine drop-offs, feel free to pull up in front of our store and if necessary, inform one of our staff members to assist with carrying your machine inside. Our town parking garage is located half a block away with entrances on Loudoun St and Market St. Also, the Liberty Lot is 3 blocks away on the  opposite side of our store.


Do you service antique/old machines

If it can be made functional, we'll do it!

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