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Finding Inspiration at Home


July 27 - 31, 2023

Join us for our Special Edition 10 year celebration Knitting + Sewing Retreat! Find the perfect balance of relaxation and a sense of accomplishment, and spend your days knitting and sewing with friends and your evenings enjoying our peaceful surroundings. We'll sprinkle in loads of delicious food, yoga breaks, tours in town, and even a 10 year piece of celebration jewelry!


Indulge in your passion and unwind in the company of like-minded individuals.



A FINCH retreat is a cozy and communal atmosphere where you can connect with others over shared experiences and savory dishes. Let us pamper you with our mouthwatering cuisine and create memories that will last a lifetime.



Not gonna lie... we can't wait to get started... squee!

like a bird 3.webp

Like a Bird Jacket

Tap into your inner rock star 🌟

It's our time to shine, so we HAD to go big or go home! On our last retreat, we were able to take this jacket for a spin, and boy did it steal the show! We all agreed, slip yourself into the sweater, and a rock star comes out to play!  If this piece is not your cup of tea, our team will help you find your perfect knitwear match for your retreat knitting pleasure.

We'll teach you the FINCH way to knit...  with the right skills and tools, you'll be a relaxed and social knitter who can truly sit back and enjoy the process. 



Alabama Chanin Garment

Reverse Applique Garment or Accessory

I've had a long time love affair with Alabama Chanin's... AC combines comfort-forward materials (cotton knits) with haute couture technique and the result is other worldly. AC is committed to sustainability from seed to finished garment and uses US grown, organic, long staple cotton. 


They make the most beautiful kits for makers (cut, labeled, stenciled and ready to stitch)! You'll get to choose from a variety of garments, accessories, prints, colors, and finishes.  Didn't think you could enjoy hand stitching.?! We gotchu! We'll teach you techniques that will have you savoring slow stitching.  Pick a project that can be intricate or quick and satisfying.  



Finding Your Fit

Step into a custom fit

Here at FINCH, we are lucky to have experienced teachers who are truly excited to share their expertise with you!  Find your fit will dive a little deeper into the world of making a muslin and finding your best fit.  We'll demystify the decision making process so you'll know when to make simple or extensive adjustments to your favorite patterns.  


Bring your own pattern or come ready just to understand what your options could be as we open the world of well-fitted garments to you, yes you!



Sip + Sew

We have a lot of celebrating to do, and a FINCH birthday would NOT be the same without a proper sip + sew. We have a beautiful project for you that is nostalgiac but new and includes lots of fun fabric to choose from (yep, there's a QUILTY element), and it's a total surprise.  So don't even ask, cuz our lips are sealed.  It will be what sip + sews always are... easy enough for all to do, complete by the time you head home, and very social!



It really wouldn't be a retreat without fun activities.  We don't just want you to learn stuff, we want you to feel VIBRANT and have FUN.  



We love to give new experiences during our retreats.  Lucky for us, we have lots of interesting historical sites right in our back yard.  We will take a break to see beautiful Morven Park Mansion.  The mansion is situated on a gorgeous property with stunning grounds. 


A gelato is only a block away... srsly, it's true.  Just about everything you could want is a short jaunt from the studio.  We have a guided tour for you that highlights the best of Leesburg... the best coffee, the best wineries, and even the prettiest trees.  We hope you fall in love with our HOME!


It's not what you think! This is a gift we are so excited to give you... keep reading for more! But if you'll excuse us for a moment longer, we want to build the anticipation just a bit... keep scrolling!

YogA For Makers

The mind-body connection is crucial to creativity. We're so grateful for the hands that have brought us here.  We'll be showering you with self care practice, especially designed with the maker in mind.  We want you to take these things home with you so you can continue to treat yourself sweet even when you're not with us. 🖤


Let's dive into some logistics

_A7_3128 (1).jpg



All weekend, we'll be the only people in the studio! Settle in and enjoy our little jewel box and get the FINCHETTES all to yourself!


The Schedule


Kick off Sip + Sew with Walsh Winery

wine tasting + sewcial - 5 pm


Breakfast + Morning Workshops

Lunch Gathering

Afternoon Making + Activities

Dinner Break

Evening Open Studio until 11pm (optional)


Closing Activities

Hugs and Departure at 11am



Breakfast Bar Each Morning

Delectable Lunches Daily

Exquisite Dinner (Abundant Cheeseboard, catering to dietary requirements) on Thursday Evening

Four Immersive Workshop Experiences with Comprehensive Learning

Aids led by our Talented Finchettes

Elegant Fine Jewelry - Permanent Bracelet or Anklet

$150 Credit Towards Workshop Supplies

Sophisticated Wine Tasting by Walsh Family Winery

Enchanting Tour of Morven Park Mansion and Grounds

Exclusive Leesburg Guide




About that

We were intent on finding the perfect gift, something more than a tchotchke.  And what we kept coming back to was a piece of jewelry. It has been 10 years, after all! And what could bring more joy than a friendship bracelet?! 


So we're all getting zapped... that's correct! You pick the chain you want, and the private jewelry professional we've hired will install the bracelet (or anklet) permanently.  

Nicole has had a permanent bracelet for 4 years.  It's a beautiful accessory that is light enough to stay out of the way.  Installation is painless, and the jewelry can easily be removed if needed.  

Traveling for this Retreat?

That's so exciting! We have a collection of beautiful accommodations we can recommend in the immediate FINCH vicinity.  Just let us know when you register and we'll be happy to help!



A Note From Nicole

It's our 10 year birthday this year, and I am so proud of where we have been and what we have become... I've lost count of the the number of retreats we've had, and while they've all been amazing, this retreat holds a very personal, special place for me. 


When I opened FINCH, it was my dream to give beautiful experiences that would provide an immersive, rich learning experience in a context that feels relaxed, joyful, and invigorating.  Each retreat is carefully orchestrated to feel light and luxurious, like a beautiful deep breath in. We return you to your loved ones a better version of your creative, inspired self.   


If you're a retreat alum, I cherish you and am truly grateful to have you as a part of my own retreat experience. It would be my deepest honor and desire to have you join... again!


If you've been around for a while and have yet to come to a FINCH retreat, don't miss this retreat!  We're so glad you're part of our community and we intend to level up your experience of FINCH by amplifying your connections and sense of fulfillment right here on our home turf!! 


If you're new, please know that there is nothing you need to do to be "ready" for a FINCH retreat.  We'll meet you right where you are.  We cannot WAIT to confirm and encourage you throughout the weekend.... we're absolutely certain you will be delighted.  


These workshops, excursions, activities, meals, the FINCH staff, and FINCH Studio herself are absolutely ALL my FAVORITE things.  I'm so excited, and I invite YOU, my friends, to join me in this special celebration FINCH Retreat!



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